Startup Contest

Over 24 startups applied to the Israel Mobile Summit contest - most of which were very creative and innovative.
Only 8 were selected as Finalists and presented at the summit.

And the winner as declared by the jury: Picitup!

Contest Winner 
iOnRoad™ by Picitup is an Augmented reality App the uses smart phone cameras and sensors, to increase drivers safety. It uses real time machine vision algorithms, to create visual radar which identifies the lane in which one is driving and the objects in front. Time gap and the risk to collision are calculated for the vehicles in front, in order to warn the appropriate time. All of that- using just a smartphone!

Runner Ups 
MetalCompass develops real world games and gaming gear for smartphones. ATK is MetalCompass first game which is now available in Israel. ATK allows many players to simulate futuristic shootout scene outdoors. MetalCompass developed a unique system for supporting real time multiplayer real world games and a technique for transmitting commands from toys to smartphones.

Get Taxi, is a simple & Instant taxi ordering service -  from your mobile phone or with our website. Get control, know your driver and ride info, watch the Taxi coming to you in real-time, rank your driver. Get miles to enjoy free rides and bonuses like airlines do. Welcome to the new World of Taxi experience -GetTaxi is coming soon to your city!
Sketch Nation by Engineous Games is a revolutionary game development engine that allows anyone to create a unique game quickly and easily. To create a game, all a user has to do is draw the game assets (player, enemies, etc.) on a piece of paper and take a picture of them with the iPhone camera. A complete original game can be created in as little as 2 minutes. Users can then upload the game to our servers, share them with their friends and the world and download other free user generated games.


 A.I.type has released the first version of its keyboard for Google’s mobile OS – Android. This version takes full advantage of the prediction and spelling capabilities of A.I.type. The keyboard helps writing by suggesting word-completion according to the context. It “understands” what the user is writing and offers the next words, hence making mobile typing simple, fast and convenient. By using A.I.type, people may save more than 75% of the keystrokes – this is what makes absolutely everyone a skilled writer – even on the tiny keyboards of small touch screens. 
 Innobell makes calls and instant messaging on mobile devices inherently more social. With the Innobell App, people can watch videos, play games, share photos, and more all within a chat session or a phone call.  Innobell provides several social add-ons including Facebook, YouTube, PayPal and Google Maps that people can use during their chats or calls.

Intuitive UI is a developer of innovative technologies which improve and simplify the user experience of mobile phones. Our goal is to make the usage of mobile devices more personal, intuitive and relevant. This is done by adding intelligence to the device and turning the user experience into a One Touch Experience. Intuitive UI' underlying technology is based on understanding and predicting which actions users want to perform in various situations, and enabling those actions simply and instantaneously. Those personal, situation-based actions are presented in a unique, intuitive 3D UI.

Marketplace strives to improve the food purchasing experience via the mobile and online by a smart engine that performs price comparison between various food chains, offering a healthier product or a cheaper one or even by popularity of your facebook friends.

Come and see these startups present live on the summit!